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Can The Sims 4 be modded with Java?
I'm in college aiming for a degree in programming, and I figured by now I should be able to mod, if those without a degree can do so... The only thing is, I was really hoping I could use Java, as I just finished a whole class on it, so I already know the ins and outs of it.

Is it possible to use Java to mod The Sims 4?

When I say modding, I'm talking about things like moving code around to expand possibilites, like adding teen pregnancy. Yeah, there are mods for that, but I wanted to learn how to do it myself so I'd be able to do many other things freely, with my game, without having to wait 10 years for someone else to have the same idea as me. If I find out that I can use Java, I can try to figure it out from there (unless someone has any hints/helpful links? )

I've been looking all over the internet for topics like this but haven't found anyone talking about Java and the Sims 4 in the same conversation.

Thanks in advance to those who respond!
(Sorry if I'm not posting properly, I'm severely new to this site and only even joined so I could get an answer to this question. )
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No. Sims 4 only uses XML and Python for mods. Python is mostly easy to understand once you read about it and practice, just that gathering and using S4 specific Python can be a bit difficult from what I've seen.

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