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Default Challenge: The Woodsman!
An old, grizzled Druid Elder man, worn through, trudges through the Forest Snow alone with a 

Celtic Battle Axe. ( cc from Murfeel ) 

He reaches for the Runes in his green sachet; old and worn smooth, his face grey, head and 

beard silver, with a WolfSkin Fur Coat, he is alone and a loner with Wisdom of Ages. 

He must live off the Land of every season, Hunting for Fur and Meat, Fishing for Fish, The Wisest Elder in the Village.


And So, It Begins…

This Elder IS A Celtic Druid Wicaah, or, Witch; Men Praying to Nature, the Trees, a Forest of 

Game and Foods, Collecting Everything, Nothing thrown Away; Money is Useless here.

The Gods are Watching.

Build a Druid Celtic House - Stone walls, Hexagon Roof. Supply; Foods, Vegetables, Meats, 
Potatoes, Fish, Maple Syrup, Fat, Fish, Root Vegetables, & Apples.

Buy Themed Items, any cc you want, be creative; Horns to Odin, ect. Indoor fireplace is fine — get rid of the door in winter. 

Spring: Hunt, Fish, Forage, Make things, Fish, Garden,
Summer: Same as Above,
Fall: Store for winter,
Winter: Hibernate. 


1 Build Stone House with Hexagon Roof; No Windows!

2 Master All Spells, 10/10 Spell Skill,

3 Live off the land with four Sim Years; with Four Young Adult Male apprentice Druids; and three Female Woodland Witches!
4 Buy Alchemy Station; Master Skill 10/10

5 Apprentice(s) Take Over, 

6 Create a New Village!

7 Collect CC Skulls, Horns, Develop a Theme. GOOD LUCK,

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